We are still looking, discovering and drawing new patterns. We are present in Poland and in the world at shows, fairs, catwalks, as well as on magazine covers. We are active, we try to surprise and inspire our recipients. The main designer, Diana Walkiewicz, is often socially active, conducts motivational classes, helps women find the right path in choosing the right wardrobe, colors and accessories, talks about traveling, exploring the world and the will to live. It is a driving force for many people and an inspiration to create beauty with a smile and a wonderful attitude towards the world. Her columns and interviews refer to celebrating everything that surrounds us, to providing help and motivation with descriptions of the latest collections, fashion trends and fans of possibilities. She talks about interesting facts from life, his passion and what can happen in life to anyone who has the strength and is one hundred percent himself. You can read about this and many other important issues in the following industry and lifestyle magazines and other magazines distributed in Poland and abroad.