The form has no limits, you just have to dress it properly” – Diana Walkiewicz DeVu

Diana Walkiewicz – Polish designer, working outside the box, inventive and brave. For several years, she enthusiastically broke through the doors of the fashion world to be able to shine on the star scene, shine during shows and become one of the brightest figures on the fashion market in the field of designing and sewing wedding and formal dresses. Initiator of an art studio, atelier and production company. Everything under its own unconventional brand DeVu. Creator of bold, original styles, in line with current trends and sophisticated tastes of clients. Valued for creativity, originality, beauty and quality. She is unique, just like her works, bold, open and unique.

There is room for many women in my world. It is an arcadia for everyone who wants to make their dreams come true. Every woman is unique, but every woman who comes here also has a chance to be fulfilled. My door is open, all you have to do is come in and share our common passion. Together, we will create a one-of-a-kind work for one woman like you.

It is the woman who is the greatest inspiration of the designer. In her he sees the truth of life. The body records all the ups and downs, age, maturity, love, longing, sin and holiness. No two women are alike. Each movement, gaze and gestures carry a story from which their unique legend arises.

I am a woman and I understand you in every way.

I will light your fire and bring out the greatest treasures from within.

A treasure of life, joy, respect.

In my Atelier you will look at yourself with courage.

I will emphasize what is most beautiful in you.

The key to success is courage and self-confidence.

Love for what is created and passion to create.

Diana Walkiewicz is a unique and one of a kind figure on the fashion market. Thanks to her great determination, her career was excellent and she achieved spectacular success in a short time. The enormous commitment that he puts into each project translates into cooperation with clients. They love to choose with her, listen to her advice and create, and then appreciate new works, because DeVu creations should be considered in such categories.

DeVu projects delight women all over the world and are popular at galas and shows. They have won many awards and won the hearts of the audience on Polish and foreign fashion catwalks.

If you are looking for an unusual outfit, perfectly matched to your figure, created with the utmost care, we, under the wings of Diana Walkiewicz, will design and sew it also for you.

Explore our collections, choose your style

and charm everyone on a special day

with your own unique creation.