The most beautiful is just ahead of you

You and the tummy
Your wedding, the day you’ve been dreaming about all your life, is just around the corner. Meanwhile, apart from you two, someone else will be there. A tiny miracle grows in your tummy, which will also take part in this most important moment of your life together.

Your beautiful dress will be for both of you. It has to be comfortable. However, this does not change the fact that, in addition to comfort, it is to carry the charm of the most beautiful bride.

What can you expect
We rely on traditional materials, such as lace, muslin, satin or silk, materials and accessories that are pleasant to the touch, guaranteeing the comfort of wearing. We try to tailor a unique, flawless outfit, anticipating your well-being and possibilities at a given stage of pregnancy, and so we choose the shape and form of the dress.
Remember that the only thing that limits us is the comfort of wearing, and the rest is just your image of yourself. We are not afraid of necklines and dresses with a stand-up collar. Lace sleeves, slightly sloping, and also lack of them. White, red and other colors. We spread out in front of you the range of possibilities offered by the current textile market.

You choose:
Whether the dress should be airy and light or traditionally cut.
Should the tummy be visible or covered with a flowing creation.
Should the outfit be girly, innocent or sexy, feminine?
Should the colors distinguish your blessed state, or modestly wrap it around it.

It’s your day and ONLY your dreams, and what you wear … are your memories

Working with a future mother
The date by which we have to prepare your dress is extremely important. This is an exceptional circumstance and in this case the implementation time is extremely short. Your body changes day by day, which is why trying on and sewing a dress takes up to a month. We are very concerned that the dress looks beautiful, but is just as comfortable when sitting and moving around. It must therefore anticipate changes in your shape and take into account possible adjustments.

Let’s make an appointment. We will define your expectations and meeting dates. You will see fabrics and sample models tailored to the stage of pregnancy. Together, we will establish a path that will lead us to perfection.

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