DeVu Diana Walkiewicz – DESIGN & SEWING

“The form has no limits, you just need to dress it properly” – Diana Walkiewicz DeVu


… .Because it’s a dream come true.

Thanks to this solution, you have the guarantee that the dress is unique and perfectly fits your figure. Under the watchful eye of a stylist and a team of seamstresses, not only a unique product is created, but an exceptional one – only yours.



DeVu is an intimate studio, with a small, but perfect team of people. This is the designer’s vision and this is how she tries to work with her clients. Each consultation begins with a quiet conversation at the Atelier, thanks to which you can bring your expectations closer and spend time getting to know your needs.

All ideas, designs and sketches of the creation are then properly personalized, and thus adjusted to the figure, taking into account all conceptual differences.

“I try to make our meetings atmospheric and remain a pleasant memory. If you feel special, you will come back to my studio to maintain the feeling of individuality ”- D.W.

Diana Walkiewicz prefers direct contact with the client from the moment of vision and initial design, through fitting, to the final collecting of the dress. It is also possible to travel to the client, and as part of individual arrangements, the execution of a distance order in the partial system – shipping, with sewing according to the dimensions entrusted.


The choice of the shape – the most important moment on which all further work depends. We oscillate between taste and expectations. What we like not always fits us. It is worth talking about it and making the optimal choice.

Design sketch – after choosing the cut, it’s time to illustrate our vision with all changes and ideas. We evaluate whether the achieved result is the one we discussed or whether a modification should be made.

Choice of fabrics – if the concept meets our expectations, we go to the choice of fabrics. This is the moment that affects the final character of our creation.

Taking dimensions from the silhouette, confectioning, cutting and modelling the dress – these are the next stages of the production itself, for which we only use our internal resources.

Preparing for the try-on – trying on the semi-finished product – is the time for a small exam, an exciting test for Atelier and for yourself, whether we made the right choices and whether our product is the dreamed one.

Determining the details (lengths, circumferences, finishes and decorations) – pure pleasure.

The second try-on (optional third try-on) – refinement of details, finishing and refinement of the creation.

Arranging the date of receipt of the finished dress – great! Our work is already in your hands!



The uniqueness of the outfit is also influenced by the quality of properly cut fabrics, form and finish. Wearing comfort and overall chic – this is the image of a woman, her character and potential, timelessly closed in the form of a dress.


“I create for you, I am for you, unique and one” – D.W.