Cute as a bunny, cute as a mouse

We present you not only original and unique creations, but also interesting, sophisticated and comfortable solutions for all unofficial occasions. You will find here fantastic, creative ideas for yourself as well as delicious gift ideas! All the costumes are functionally different from each other and fulfill different roles in everyday use. However, they have one common feature. They are cute, lovely and they are the reason to cuddle thanks to their appearance referring to the nicest, known and liked animals. The idea was taken from the kirogumi fashion, which was initially developing in Japan, i.e. a loose outfit with the features of charming animals and fairy-tale characters. After some time, fashion turned into a lifestyle and a way of spending free time. Following the latest trends dominating the world, Diana Walkiewicz has designed her own inspiring outfits that will be used fancifully in many situations.

Find something for yourself or make someone happy

On our website you will find classic kirogumi, tracksuits or kobinezes inspired by animals, which are extremely comfortable and can be used as an outfit for winter sports, light climbing, walks or games. They also work well at home, just like lazy blankets, whose amazing comfort of use has already been appreciated by many customers around the world. If you plan to rest, a good series and laze around, this proposal is perfect! Pour your favorite wine, make hot cocoa and popcorn, order pizza or sushi and cuddle up in the fabric your body will appreciate. Among our products, you will also find sets of bath towels that will work well for massages or in the sauna, as well as during travel, in hotels and on the beach, as well as at home.

What makes us stand out

All these unique and extremely charming products are made in our tailoring workshop under the watchful eye of Diana Walkiewicz. They are made of extremely pleasant to the touch microfiber, produced for us on request in Turkey from the best quality raw materials available on the market.

It is worth pampering your body.

Make him happy and cover him with fashionable and cozy pleasure.