We run courses and trainings according to our original programs. If you want to develop your passions, start by familiarizing yourself with our offer. The offer is addressed to fashion and tailoring enthusiasts, as well as photographers and models. We have been on the market for over a dozen years. Our experience allows us to put into words many issues that everyone who wanted to bind the future with our industry should know about. Training is not boring. We discuss many issues as a case study, so we work on specific examples, presenting real and practical solutions.

The offer includes training in the basics of:

– the functioning of the fashion business
– production process management
– underwear design
– casual style design
– designing evening dresses
– designing wedding dresses
– demonstration modeling
– photomodeling
– photography

And advanced courses in:

– made to measure sewing
– product sewing

The offer is addressed to people looking for knowledge in practice, resulting from the experience of running a fashion business and tailoring studio. We will provide substantive and functional knowledge. If you want to get infected with our passion and enthusiasm for working in this industry, click on one of the selected options above and learn more about the program scope of courses and training.