1. Product cooperation
2. Barter cooperation
3. Sponsorship cooperation

Do you run a fashion or clothing business or a company that exists close to this subject? Maybe you create unique jewelry, import or are a manufacturer of unique footwear, have a modeling company or other company that could establish a product and service cooperation with us? Write to us. We are open to cooperation proposals. We can initiate actions together, take part in shows and display our products on beautiful models during photo sessions or on video materials. It is also a joint promotion and mutual support. We invite you to cooperation.
We are open to cooperation and promotion of DeVu products as part of barter cooperation. We are happy to cooperate with TV stations in creating programs in the beauty category, offering the clothes of models, show participants, shows or metamorphoses. We also recommend ourselves as experts by organizing a mobile changing room and consulting in the field of image change.
We are willing to establish cooperation with companies willing to promote their products as sponsors at campaigns organized by us. Fashion shows, exhibitions, fairs, advertisements in photos, videos or website are available. The concept and possibilities of cooperation to be determined, depending on the profile of your business.