Fittings in Atelier


There are not many places in the world where you can let your imagination run wild, go deep into your imagination and talk honestly about your dreams and desires. In our Atelier, we breathe passion, we live love for people, their ingenuity, courage, joy and hopes.

We listen, talk, drink delicious coffee and get to know each other better.

We want to feel deeper and bring out the details of your ideas in order to be able to visualize them, then cut, sew and decorate with accessories.

We invite you to our showroom with open arms

We will cover you with the best fabrics. You will be able to feel their delicacy on your own skin and combine colors. There is no rush with us. We are not anonymous to each other. We get to know each other to make dreams come true without any ambiguities or ambiguities.

Touch, feel, see for yourself

We will arrange any time of the day for you. We will sit in a warm atmosphere, fragrant with fresh flowers, on a soft sofa, between beautiful patterns of dresses. We’ll talk, drink a coffee, get to know your expectations, and then… put on a silk bathrobe, lovely little sandals, maybe you’ll be tempted by a glass of champagne and put yourself in our hands. We will try on, change, pin up, add and take off accessories. We will start sketching, matching colors and making your dreams come true.

As cozy as at home

If you need advice from loved ones, come together! It will be cute and joyful! We will make you feel at home, because we want you to feel as comfortable with us as at home. If the purchase is to be a dress for a girl, we will organize a fun try-on. It will not be boring and the little princess will be enchanted by a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Our many years of experience in designing, selecting patterns and sewing captivating dresses will allow us to implement all your ideas in an appropriate manner, with the selection of appropriate fabrics and the use of appropriate details. The entire process of creating the ordered creation will take place in a relaxed atmosphere with fully professional service at the same time. You will rest, relax, relax, and we will do all the work during this time.

Call the number, write on chat or send an e-mail. Our calendar is open to new entries.